Adam Miller


Adam is passionate about providing solutions to any challenges clients might encounter, and he is driven by knowing that his expertise and effort improve the lives of the people he works with. He strives to provide a professional and reliable experience, and he treats every client with unfailing respect and compassion, ensuring that he earns the trust of the people he serves.

As a Consultant at Technology Advisory Group, Adam Miller, CPA, CITP is primarily responsible for assisting clients with their accounting software needs. Adam is involved in facilitating technology solutions, for which he provides system implementation, training, modification, and support, as needed.

He also manages report creation for clients, providing the data that helps them to make informed decisions. In fact, this is the aspect of his job he’s most passionate about. The reporting he supplies creates opportunities for problem-solving and increases efficiency. Solving problems for clients in order to make their lives better and streamline operations is something Adam takes great pride in.

After graduating from the Curtis L. Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, Adam used his degree to perform traditional accounting work at an accounting software company for several years, during which time he developed an interest in accounting software.

In 2004, he joined the newly launched Technology Advisory Group with an eye toward turning his expertise to the task of finding solutions to a range of client challenges, in order to help each client resolve current and future issues.

Because he has over 20 years of experience in both software and accounting fields, Adam has yet to encounter a problem he is unable to solve.

Of course, his efforts to help others don’t stop at the office door. Adam is also committed to supporting organizations that feed the hungry, primarily Feed My Starving Children (FMSC), which helps to fight hunger and malnutrition so children have a brighter future.

The bulk of Adam’s free time is devoted to his family. He loves to travel, especially to the Disney Theme Parks, and also spends time on sports, music, and attending church.

Although he grew up in the Twin Cities area and loves life in Minnesota, he can’t deny the temptation to move closer to Disneyland or Disney World. For now, he’s content to visit. When he’s not traveling with his family, he can often be found editing home videos of his vacations, although Sunday afternoons are dedicated to watching football.