Mike Munson

Manager, CPA

Mike has always harbored a passion for numbers, so it was no stretch to turn his talent into a career in the accounting industry. The result is that he counts himself among the select few in his field who actually enjoy the intricacies of tax preparation and business advisory.

Since 2013, Profitability & Growth Advisor Mike Munson has devoted himself to helping Technology Advisory Group clients develop their businesses and reach their goals. He believes that every business owner should have the tools and support needed to turn their company into what they always wanted it to be, and his job is to do all he can to make it happen.

To that end, Mike wears a number of hats. He not only handles billing and staff training and management, but he also prepares business returns and financial statements, reviews personal tax returns, and checks every financial statement to ensure that every I is dotted and every T is crossed, so to speak.

He started working for the company while he was finishing his college degree and remained with the company after graduating in 2015, turning a part-time position into a career and working his way up to the position he currently holds.

Like every other team member at Technology Advisory Group, Mike holds dear the core value of helping others. Although he is incredibly skilled and experienced, he knows the best way to help clients excel is to listen to their challenges and goals, understanding where they are and where they want to be in order to deliver the services and advice that will help to increase growth and profits.

Mike goes out of his way to offer the responsive, attentive service every client deserves, and he’s always ready to do whatever it takes to ensure successful outcomes and client satisfaction. Through collaboration and tailored solutions, he provides the support and guidance that take client businesses to the next level.

When he’s not at work, Mike loves spending time outdoors. He currently calls nearby Stacy, MN, home. He loves living in the country, where he has a bit of land to enjoy. His off-time is usually occupied by fishing, hunting, golfing, baseball, and other outdoor activities. He grew up in nearby Maplewood and he always knew he would stay and build a life in his home state. He’s proud to give back to the community he loves by helping Minnesota businesses thrive.